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Add definition to wispy bangs with a small amount of pomade. Wear them in your face---if you can stand it!  Update your hair style fast with wispy bangs.

Add a small amount of wispy bangs to your updo hair style for a totally different look.

Bangs can be kept down and long, hovering just above the eyes, or they can be swept to the side and held in place with the help of hair spray or a holding hair care product.

If you want to wear a hair style without bangs the next day, simply apply a mousse or styling cream to your wispy bangs and blow dry your hair while brushing them so that they fall in with your longer hair.

Wispy bangs will flatter just about any type of hair style for any face shape. They are a quick way to add a small change that helps to soften a hair style and certain facial features.

Since fringe bangs are generally very long, they will blend right into your longer hair if you don't get regular cuts.

Amber Tamblyn Hair Style with Wispy Bangs

Amber Tamblyn is wearing very long wispy bangs. The bangs end at nose level and she has left the strands out to softly lay across her face.

Create the piecy look for wispy bangs by adding a small amount of pomade or wax to the strands, directing them in the direction you want them to go with your fingers.

This hair style is an all time favorite since it has versatile layering, multi-dimensional color and an all-over polished professional look.

This style will work for any occasion, casual or formal. It is a go-anywhere with it look.

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