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Choppy bangs can be added to a short hair style or a l ong hair style and are great for creating a very modern look. The choppy bangs involve creating uneven edges to the hair for a dramatic effect. Hair care products such as mousse, gel and pomade can be used to create the piecey look.

This bold 'do is only for the brave. The back layers are graduated in to the neck to show off the loud splashes of color added for contrast. The top layers add height to the crown, blending in with the choppy bangs which complete the over-all style brilliantly

Mandy Moore Hair Styles Mandy Moore has a short layered hair style that features mid-forehead choppy bangs. The bangs length varies across the forehead for a very sophisticated look. The choppy bangs will require frequent trims to keep the hair looking good.  This type of cut will emphasize a very strong jaw line or pointed chin. In general, if you have a heart shaped or pear shaped face, you will want to go with a hair style that has more length than this style.

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