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 Hair Styles Galleries

Looking for a new hair style?  Browse our many online hairstyles galleries and find the perfect hairstyle.  Hair Resources- Creating Better Hair Days.

Hair Styles
Visit http://www.HairResources.com for the latest in hair style trends and fashion.  Add ZING to your style at http://www.HairZingers.com

Celebrity Hair Styles
This is a very hot hair topic. There are two separate sites devoted to covering all the recent celebrity hair styles. http://Celebrity.HairResources.net covers top men and women celebrities and also has free hair imaging software demonstrations. Also, http://www.HRhairstyles.com is a website that covers the Top 100 Celebrity Hair Styles. Every week, we pick a new ‘Best Hair Style of the Week’ and post it on HR Hair Styles, and on the main site, Hair Resources.

Hair Extensions

Long beautiful hair is a desire for many women. Hair extensions can give you long gorgeous hair in a few short hours and a few dollars. They are not a one-size fits all. Researching the methods and salons is very important. Two sites are devoted to Hair Extensions: http://www.HairResources.net covers Hair Extensions and sells Ebooks on the topic and a brand new site, http://www.HRhairextensions.com covers even more details about hair extensions and has a global hair extension salon directory. The latest Ebook on hair extensions can be found at http://www.HairExtensionsExposed.com

Prom Hair Styles
There are many different types of prom hair styles this season. There is the partial updo, messy updo, ponytail updo, short hair, long hair and medium curly hair styles. http://Prom.HairResources.net has examples of each of these types of prom hair styles, along with other great resources for planning your prom look.  Also visit http://www.HRPromhair.com and http://www.InsidePromHair.com for the latest in prom hair styles and trends.

Wedding Hair Styles

Selecting your wedding hair style can require a bit of research. First you select your dress, then your hair style. Trial runs are a great way to see how you will look on your wedding day. http://www.HRweddinghair.com has the Top 20 Wedding Hair Styles Winners from Hair Resource’s Nationwide Bridal Hair Styles contest. The site also includes instructions for creating the styles on your own, and other planning tips for your wedding.

Bangs and Parts
Many times, women only want to update their look, not make a drastic change. Adding bangs or changing the way you part your hair are great ways to update your hair style. See http://Bangs.HairResources.net for examples of all the different types of bangs and parts.  Also visit http://www.HRBangs.com

Sometimes you just need a makeover. Whether it is a mini makeover or a major makeover, the new site, http://www.HRmakeovers covers all the options available today.

Finding a New Hair Style
If you find a new hair style that you really like, but aren’t sure how it will look on you, then http://Hairstyles.HairResources.net will help you out. This site includes actual demonstrations of our model Susan using hair style imaging software to find a new hair style. See how she tries on the hair styles and see which style she likes the best.

Hair Loss

Losing your hair is never a good thing. http://Hairloss.HairResources.net covers all the remedies and prevention techniques available today to combat men and women’s hair loss issues.  Also visit http://www.HRHairloss.com

Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is not a procedure that you should jump into.  You must research the different types of laser, types of skin and hair this popular service is suited for.  Not everyone experiences permanent hair removal with laser hair removal services.  Visit http://www.HRHairRemoval.com

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