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Want to go with the no-commitment bang? The bang that at you don't have to wait 6 months to grow out if you don't like it? Then try the Looks Like Bangs Look. 

Do you know the fastest way to get a brand new look? Part your hair deep on one side and sweep the hair across your forehead for the "Looks like Bangs" hair style. The Looks Like Bangs is not actually bangs. Just part your hair very deep on one side and direct your hair across your forehead so that it looks like you have bangs. Of course, getting your hair to stay in that position may require some extra work on your part, along with some serious styling products.

Long textured layers cut around the edges adds movement and shape to the this fancy 'do which is best suited for those looking for a glossy and glamorous hairstyle to wow the crowds. Long side swept bangs are worn over to one side to complete the over-all look superbly.

She has pulled all of her hair from a very deep side part back into a low chignon. It appears, at first glance that Jamie has bangs. But a closer inspection reveals that she has sloped her hair across the forehead for the looks like bangs style. Create the extra alluring finish by applying a shine spray.

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