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 Face Shape Information
What's your face shape?  Square, Round, Oval, Long, Heart, Oblong are just a few.  You could be a combination of 2 different face shapes

The best way to figure out what face shape you are is to pull all the hair off your face and stand in front of a mirror.  Use a washable marker or a bar of soap to trace the outline of your face in the mirror.  Stand back and look at the shape you have drawn.  Chances are good that it is a combination of several face shapes.  Maybe you have a high forehead like the heart shape, but your jaw line is not as narrow as the heart shape.

The hair style imaging programs available today help you to determine your face shape by allowing you to upload  your own photograph and compare common face shapes to your own.

Face shape is a key ingredient to a flattering hair style.  The style must help to accentuate the positive features of your face while de-emphasizing the negative features.  A lot of magnificent changes can take place by getting a hair style that is designed for your face shape.

Some of the basic face shapes include:

Square Face Shape: Layered bobs, wisps around the face, and long layers are generally recommended for this face shape. Avoid very short or cropped hair or slicked-back styles.

Round Face Shape: Usually a layered cut and/or feathered cut will accentuate your facial features. Avoid any width in the hair at the sides of your face as this will make your face seem rounder.

Oval Face Shape:
The envy of us all--this shape can wear almost any type of hair. Layered, curly, short, long....anything.

Long Face Shape: Any hair cut that is below the chin is best for this face shape. Long Face Shapes should avoid short hair.

Heart Face Shape: Another envy of us all--this shape falls into the same category as the oval face where virtually any shape will look good.

Another important part of deciding on a hair style is your lifestyle.  Are you selecting a hair style that will require a significant amount of time everyday to keep looking good?

Lifestyle considerations:

How much time are you willing to spend every day to upkeep and style your hair? Be honest with yourself. Many of the above celebrities have personal hair stylists that spend hours fixing their hair every day. Is that realistic for your situation?

What is your lifestyle? Are you outside a lot? In an office? All of these factors can affect the way your hair will look all day



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