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This sultry blonde has it all with this sexy style from the 11th Annual Critics Choice Awards. The length has been left below shoulder level and the top and sides have been angle layered to reveal a full, shaped, flicked design. To finish the style, swept bangs have been jagged cut to enhance the facial features.

Reese Witherspoon is wearing a very flattering hair bang that features a full bang with softly side swept layers

The hair is parted deep on one side and swept across the forehad for a very face-framing effect. Adding this type of hair bang helps to balance out a high forehead, like Reese and the heart-shaped face.


Reese has styled her long bangs in with the rest of her hair in this style, see photo left.

Reese looks simply divine with this sexy hairstyle. Her length has been left below shoulder level and short soft layers have been cut around her sides and back to add body and shape. This is an easy style to maintain with regular trims


Reese is wearing her hair in a long, layered hairstyle with the side swept bangs. Her heart shaped face, which features a high forehead and narrow jaw line, is more balanced with the addition of the bangs.

This is just a hint of a side swept bang that is cut shorter than the typical long side swept bang. The fringe pieces softly lay against the forehead, styled to sweep off from a deep side part.

Anyone with a heart shaped face, like Reese's, will look good with this type of bang. The high forehead, characteristic of most heart shaped faces is camouflaged with the addition of the bangs.

This is a great look for Ms. Witherspoon. Soft layers have been cut throughout Reese's hair to add body and height. This style is perfect for medium to thick hair types and is easy to maintain with regular trims.

Reese has pulled back all over bangs- a great option for a different look. The hair bangs

Just a hint of bangs, see photo above makes haircut styles like Reese's look very flattering. The bangs sweep softly to one side with some layering added throughout. Apply a bit of pomade to the ends of the hair to create separation and make the style more appealing.


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