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Hair demos let you try on hair styles with bangs before you get a haircutSide bangs look awesome with a chic, short hairstyle or a glamorous long hair style. See examples below of how the side bang adds zing to each style. If you really like this look, be sure to try your bangs on first before you get them cut-- see hair demosfor more details.

A short hair style can turn flirty when combined with long side swept bangs.

The bangs feature long layers and a deep side part. The bangs just graze the eye area with a few wispy strands for that sexy look.

To create this hair style on your own apply a styling gel and blow dry the hair with a vented brush. Height is added to the hair in the crown area for a full volume look. Highlights in the bang area help to brighten up the face and add dimension to the hairstyle.

Finish off the style by applying a small amount of pomade to your fingers and run your fingers over your hair.

Face framing lengths are the perfecto choice for this short bob hair style. the bangs gently sweep from one side to the other from a deep side part.


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Very long side swept bangs


Long side swept bangs


Side swept bangs that bend in at the cheeks for face framing action.

Whether your bangs are side swept, short, choppy, long or fringe, they will help give you a modern look. Tuck your long side swept bangs behind your ear for a very sophisticated look. Dazzle everyone by wearing long dangling earrings.

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