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Some refer to these types of bangs as side bangs and some call them side swept bangs. These types of bangs can be cut very long and can even blend in with your longer hair when you don't want them showing. up. Your hairstyle can be different every day with long side swept bangs.

Beyonce is wearing her bangs curled slightly under and swept to the side from a side part. Her bangs are angled with slightly longer pieces on the side.

Long layers around the face help to frame her face and help focus your attention on her eyes. The bangs are curled under slightly with a little bit of a flip on the ends.

Wearing your side swept bangs like Beyonce will require the use of some hair care products to keep them in place, especially if you have thick, unruly or frizzy hair. Check wit your hair stylist for the best type of hair product to use.


Heidi Klum is wearing a classic side swept bang paired with a blunt chin length hairstyle.

The bangs are swept from a very deep side angled part and tucked away behind her ear.

This type of bang is cut very long, well past the nose level, in order to be able to fit behind the ear. The bangs lay gently across her forehead.

Notice how Heidi's hair has extra shine in the crown area. You too can get this shine by applying a hair product that contains silicone. The silicone acts to seal the cuticle, thus allowing shine through. Apply the shine serum before you use any sort of heat appliance such as a flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer.

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Renee has chosen a gorgeous full curl which is great for a night out or a casual night in. The hair has been kept at chin length and layers have been cut into a short crop to create more volume and to enhance the curl. Side swept bangs have been added to beautifully frame the face.

Martina has chosen an elegant and sophisticated cut for her deep chestnut locks. The side swept bangs and face framing layers that are a feature of this haircut accentuate Martina's stunning cheekbones and the long layers added throughout will give dimension and volume to fine hair.

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