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Create a totally different hair style by positioning your hair different.  No scissors required, no hair stylist required.  It is important that you know what your face shape is before you decide on a specific type of bang. There are bangs that work for just about any face shape, but if you get the wrong bang for your face shape, it might not look as good as you hoped.  Visit our Face Shape section for some important details.

Cameron Diaz Long Layered Hair Style

Cameron Diaz swoops her hair from a deep side part to create the appearance of bangs. These eye-skimming locks create that smoldering, sexy look that many celebrities are after.

Add subtle highlights to the hair for an even more dramatic look. Adding color highlights just where the hair is parted makes the hair look very unique

Lindsay Lohan Hair Styles

Lindsay Lohan uses the looks like bangs styling trick often.  See example below left, her hair is parted well past her eyebrow and is swept to the other side of her face for the illusion of bangs appearance.

Long wavy locks combined with the appearance of bangs turns an ordinary style into a very alluring one. Mix it in with some highlights and lowlights for added dimension and style. Blast the hair with some strong-hold hairspray to keep those swept across bangs in place -otherwise you might be very annoyed after awhile with the hair falling right in your face.

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